Welcome to the Village of Crestwood.

Welcome to the Official Village of Crestwood website. Here you will find the latest news and events from around Crestwood. You can also find meeting agendas and minutes, businesses in Crestwood,  and contact information for Village services.


Village Of Crestwood 13840 S. Cicero Crestwood, IL 60445
Phone: 708 371-4800 Fax: 708 371-4849
Business Hours: As of JUNE 1, 2013 The Village Hall Hours will be:
Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri.   9:00am – 4:00pm
Tuesday: 9:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday & Sunday – CLOSED

A 2015 list of Village Holidays can be found HERE.


The Village of Crestwood will hold a public hearing on Thursday, October 8, 2015 at 7:45 p.m. in the Crestwood Civic Center, 14025 South Kostner Avenue, Crestwood, Illinois 60445. The purpose of the hearing will be to receive comments on the proposal to sell the not to exceed $9,000,000 General Obligation Bonds (Alternate Revenue Source), Series 2015 for the purpose of paying tort judgments and settlements.
At the public hearing, the Village will explain the reasons for the proposed bond issue and permit persons desiring to be heard an opportunity to present written or oral testimony within reasonable time limits. The hearing may be adjourned to another date without further notice other than a motion to be entered upon the minutes fixing the time, place, and date of the reconvened meeting.

Public Hearing Agenda October 8, 2015

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Village Of Crestwood Settlement Letter

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In Memory of Catherine Peleschak

In Memory of Catherine Peleschak

The 5th Annual St. Chris 5K

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2016 T-Ball Registration

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Ordinance 2248 – Authorized General Obligation Bonds

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Notice of Intent to Issue Bonds

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GymTyme Heart Special Athlete Team

Passing of Chester Stranczek

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Fall Festival 2015

Fall Festival 2015

Mobile Driver Services Facility

Mobile Driver Services Facility

Official Website for the Windy City ThunderBolts

Press Release


ComEd Provides $10 Million in Financial Assistance to Customers in Need

2015 assistance funds to help customers facing financial hardship avoid service disconnection

CHICAGO (March 25, 2015) – ComEd announces it has dedicated $10 million in assistance funds for 2015 to help customers struggling to pay their electric bill. ComEd is urging customers who have fallen behind on paying their electric bill to contact ComEd to see if they are eligible for payment arrangements or financial assistance.

The ComEd CARE programs are focused on helping military families, veterans, senior citizens and people who may have experienced a job loss, illness or disability and need help with paying their electric bills. ComEd also offers assistance to non-profit organizations that are experiencing a hardship.

Under the Smart Grid law, enacted in 2011, ComEd committed $50 million for five years to help eligible customers with their utility bills.

“We realize some customers fall on hard times and need assistance with paying their monthly electric bill,” said Val Jensen, senior vice president of Customers Operations, ComEd. “Our goal is to help our customers maintain continual seamless electric service. This is why we want to ensure that customers who are in need of assistance are aware of the ComEd CARE programs and how they can receive financial relief during tough times.”

Last year through ComEd’s CARE programs, the utility was able to help more than 16,200 customers maintain their service. Service disconnection is always the last resort, and only occurs after a lengthy process that is designed to avoid this outcome. The $10 million for 2015 will provide relief to customers in need and help get them back on track to managing their utility bill. The utility is also running advertisements to increase awareness of the available funds and to encourage customers in need to apply for assistance.

In addition, through new legislation introduced in the Illinois General Assembly on March 19, ComEd is looking to extend this assistance. Under HB3328/SB1879, financial assistance programs will be extended for another five years through 2021, enabling ComEd and utilities serving more than 3 million customers to contribute $10 million per year to existing financial assistance programs or similar programs offered as a result of the Smart Grid law.

For more information on ComEd’s financial assistance programs, including eligibility requirements please visit ComEd.com/CARE or call 1-888-806-CARE (2273).

2015 AMI Installation Map


Online Auction for Unclaimed Property

Click Here to view PDF of Illinois State Treasurer for Online Auction for Unclaimed Property

The Village of Crestwood is looking for a part-time person to do janitorial service and Meter reading

Our village is definitely a “Village on the Move.” We will continue to encourage opportunities through planning, commitment and community involvement by showcasing the charms of a community that embraces new ideas while treasuring its old.
Thank you for helping us to continue enhancing Crestwood’s reputation as an outstanding village in which to live, work and play.


The Village of Crestwood is looking for a part-time person to do janitorial service and Meter reading.
25 hours a week.
Please stop by the village hall for an application.


Description: This work shall consist of the screening,segregating and loading of approximately 700,000 cubic yards of natural lime stone, dirt, silt, and pea gravel, for use by contractors on offsite projects.
Removal of the existing stockpile shall be made to the point where all the aggregates/soil above grade has been removed to street grade level.

The location of the existing stockpile is on Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRDGC) property east of Cicero Avenue on north side of Cal Sag Road in the Village of Crestwood, IL.

General: Prior to beginning operations in the area, Contractor shall notify the Village of Crestwood who currently has a 2 year permit for the use of this site from the MWRDGC, in order to obtain access to this property. All Village requirements and Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago requirement shall be met before access is granted. Notification shall be made one week in advance to starting work. The Contractor shall be responsible for reviewing the Permit and adhering to the conditions of the permit prior to the commencement of work, including but not l i mited to insurance requirements.
The Contractor’s sequence of operations shall be in such a way to limit excessive dirt and debris and minimize traffic congestions on the roadways.
Site Operation Plan: The Contractor shall develop a project specific site plan and submit the plan to the Village Engineer a minimum of two weeks before beginning the removal activities. The plan shall outline the procedures, subcontractors if any, construction timelines, and the final project site where this material is being used. The plan shall also meet all the federal,State and local requirements for the screening, segregating and loading of this spoil material. Any debris screened from these piles, shall be removed and disposed of in accordance with State, Federal and Local regulations.
Stockpile removal and disposal shall be performed only when temperature in the shade is at least 40!? F (S!? C) and the forecast calls for no rain.
Method of Measurement: This work shall be measured for payment in TON as measured at the project site.
Basis of Payment. This work will be paid for at the contract unit price per TON for the screening, segregating and loading of the STOCKPILED AGGREGATE. No additional payment shall be made for the testing.

The Village of Crestwood will be Closed on the following Holidays 2015

January 1, Thurs., New Years Day
January 2, Fri., Day after New Years
January 19, Mon., Martin Luther King, Jr
February 16, Mon., President’s Day
April 3, Fri., Good Friday
May 25, Mon., Memorial Day
July 3, Fri., Independence Day
September 7, Mon., Labor Day
November 11, Wed., Veteran’s Day
November 26, Thurs., Thanksgiving Day
November 27, Fri., Day after Thanksgiving
December 24, Thurs., Christmas Eve
December 25, Fri., Christmas
December 31, Thurs., New Year’s Eve, ½ Day

Premium Industrial/Office Space Available in Crestwood

 Are you looking to expand your business? Take a look at some of the great space available in Crestwood!!

Crestwood Office and Warehouse Space Available

**Available Now in Crestwood 2200 sq ft. to 4200 sq.ft. multi-use facility Office and warehouses with overhead doors and recessed dock.

18 Ft. ceiling in warehouses

Near I-294, I-80, I-57

Call: JolarEnterprise

 708-301-8545, Mon.-Fri., 8AM to 5PM


Please Slow Down Signs Available

Help Mayor Lou Presta and the Crestwood Police Department protect our most valuable asset, “OUR CHILDREN”!

You can assist by displaying a “PLEASE SLOW DOWN” sign in your front yard or parkway.

Signs are 24″ x 18″ and are available at the Police Department for $10.00.

Technology Recycling Has Never Been Easier

Outdated electronic waste cannot go in landfills but many people do not know where to take their electronics for recycling. Here’s what you need to know:

— Many of the largest retailers that sell electronics  now have recycling programs at their individual stores.
— Goodwill Industries takes electronics.
— The website at earth911 includes a search function that allows people to find locations nearby

Garbage and Refuse Collection

It is very important that each resident makes themselves aware of important Ordinances in the Village. The following link will educate you on the Garbage and Refuse Topic.

Please be aware that Garbage cans are not to be taken out until 6pm the night before pickup and removed from the curb side by 8pm on day of collection. This is not always the case for many. The Village Trustees have instructed the Police Department to enforce this ordinance.  A warning will be issued  for the first offense and a ticket will be issued on the second offense. A neon green sticker will be placed on your can as a warning. Please be aware this will be your one and only warning before a ticket is issued. Our goal is to keep our Village a beautiful and proud place to live. With your help we can achieve this.


Click Here to read Local Ordinance.

Recycle Schedule


2015 Recycling Calendar

Republic Waste 2014 Update



Crestwood Village ordinance prohibits parking on ANY village streest between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00a.m. The reason for this ordinance is so Police will be alerted to abandoned vehicles or suspicious vehicles that require investigations. This ordinance also ensures that all streets throughout the Village will be open to fire and rescue equipment in the event of an overnight emergency. This is especially necessary in areas where narrow streets can block large fire trucks. We will continue to enforce this ordinance. Thank You for your cooperation with this ordinance. The initial fine for this violation is $75.00. This is a Village wide ordinance. PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOUR LATE NIGHT AND OVERNIGHT GUESTS ARE MADE AWARE OF THIS AS WELL!


Crestwood Police Department Seeks Cadets


The Crestwood Police Department is looking for people between 14 and 19 years old
that would be interested in our Police Cadet Program. The main purpose of this program is to help develop leadership and communication skills for their future. While we focus on law enforcement and public safety, we work towards teaching these youths communication, leadership, chain of command and community services. In the past some of our training has included speakers and trainers from the FBI, Illinois State Police, Cook County Sheriff’s Police, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and many others.

Our goal is to give them as much exposure as possible to a wide variety of people and operations to help them in thinking about good communications and future career possibilities. It is not necessary to specifically want to go into law enforcement . We use this as opportunity to teach them skills that will help provide them a start towards understanding what it is all about. Due to the nature of some of the things we deal with, we ask everyone to keep their activities here confidential so that we don’t violate anyone’s rights. Cadets are required to attend our meetings and trainings. We try and limit them to once a month during the school season; however we usually have additional meetings and trainings in the summer. Cadets also assist the community by providing us with park security, traffic control, and community events both in Crestwood as well as surrounding suburbs.

Applications are available at the Police Department Monday- Friday between 9-9


Please note stickers go on sale December 1, 2014. Stickers MUST be displayed by March 1 ,2015. After such date tickets will be issued.

Holiday Garbage Schedule

New Recycling Electronics Facility

Garbage Information

Click here on Schedule for more detailed information.

2015 Vehicle Sticker Fees



Passenger Cars $  10.00         Late fee – $ 10.00
Senior Citizens 65 & Older $    5.00         Late fee – $   5.00
Recreational Vehicle (RV Plates) $  10.00         Late fee – $ 10.00
Motorcycle, Moped & Scooter $    5.00         Late fee – $   5.00
School Bus Class A $  20.00         Late fee – $ 10.00
School Bus Class B $  30.00         Late fee – $ 10.00
“B” Plate $  15.00         Late fee – $ 10.00
“D-F” Plate $  20.00         Late fee – $ 10.00
All other Plate classifications $  30.00         Late fee – $ 10.00


Transfer from one LIKE vehicle to another is $ 5.00


2015 Vehicle Sticker Applications

Crestwood T-Ball and Baseball Information 2015 Season


How to Prevent Stormwater Pollution

Click Here to view this information


Office of Cook County Sheriff Report

Click Here to view PDF of Office of Cook County Sheriff Report

Culver’s Cares Night Guidelines

Culver’s Cares Night Guidelines:

Culver’s Cares nights are for giving back to our local community. We at Culver’s value the hard work you put into your charities and programs and are willing to partner with you. Use the following guidelines to help the success of the night for your group:

  • Bring people from the group to help out in the restaurant for the night of the event. Your group can help out with the following duties:
    • Dining – Wiping tables, chairs, get items our guests need
    • Runners – Running orders out to the tables
    • Greeters – Opening the front doors and greeting all guest and informing them about your group
    • Signs and banners – Make large signs informing the public about your group that you can wave at traffic driving past the store
    • Scoopie Mascot – We have a Mascot named Scoopie that can be used outside waving at passing cars
    • Helping guest sign up for Culver’s E-Club
  • Please have 4 workers minimum at the restaurant 30 minutes before your event and no more than 8 workers at a time. If no one shows up to help during your event then no proceeds will be paid.
  • Hang signs at your places of work to let everyone know about the event.
  • Word of mouth works very well, tell everyone you know about the event.
  • Send out a text message to everyone in your phonebook and tell everyone to pass it on.
  • Send out an e-mail to your address book and have them pass it on.
  • If the restaurant sales from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM the night of your event are:
    • $0 – $2000.00 we will donate 5% of sales
    • $2000.01 and $3000.00 we will donate 10% of sales
    • $3000.01 and over we will donate 15% of sales

Success of the night will depend on the effort put forth by your group.

If you have any ideas or concerns, please ask the local restaurant manager.

Please contact Bernie Steuber at bernie@culvers.biz or 708-642-0007

Sharon Steuber @ 708-932-6307 Sharon@culvers.biz

We also offer a Scrip Gift Card Program.  Please inquire if you are interested in any of these programs as well.