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Welcome to the Official Village of Crestwood website. Here you will find the latest news and events from around Crestwood. You can also find meeting agendas and minutes, businesses in Crestwood,  and contact information for Village services.

Village Of Crestwood 13840 S. Cicero Crestwood, IL 60445
Phone: 708 371-4800 Fax: 708 371-4849
Business Hours: As of JUNE 1, 2013 The Village Hall Hours will be:
Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri.   9:00am – 4:00pm
Tuesday: 9:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday & Sunday – CLOSED

For a list of Village Holidays Please see our “CONTACT US” page.

Our village is definitely a “Village On The Move”. We will continue to encourage opportunities through planning, commitment and community involvement by showcasing the charms of a community that embraces new ideas while treasuring it’s old. Thank you for helping us to continue enhancing Crestwood’s reputation as an outstanding village in which to live, work and play.



Trick-Or-Treating Hours

The hours for trick-or treating in Crestwood will be from 3pm to 7pm on Halloween, which falls on a Friday this year. The Village encourages all parents and children participating in trick-or-treating to practice “safety first!” and abide by these approved hours on Friday, October 31st.

***Trick-Or-Treat Halloween Tips***

***Please call 911 immediately if you see any suspicious activity***

* Young children should always go trick-or-treating with an adult.

* Never trick-or-treat alone. Have at least 2 buddies go with you.

* Plan your entire route and make sure your family knows what it is.

* Wait until you get home and have your parents check your candy before you eat it.

* Be very cautious of strangers.

* Accept treats only in the doorway. Never go inside a house.

* Be sure and say thank you for your treats.

* Visit only house where the lights are on.

* Walk on sidewalks and driveways. Cross the street at the corner or in a crosswalk.

* Take a cellular phone with you if possible.

2015 Vehicle Sticker Applications

Town Hall Meeting – Home Rule

HOME RULE  QUESTIONS & ANSWERS  Click Here for a PDF version.


Under the 1970 Illinois Constitution, Home Rule shifts decision making from the state level (Springfield) to the local level (Crestwood) enabling communities to find local solutions to local problems.

Home Rule communities are granted a broad range of powers for the local good unless exempted by the State. Often a Home Rule community is exempted from meeting requirements mandated by state legislation.


Municipalities with populations over 25,000 are automatically granted Home Rule status, while smaller communities can put the question on a ballot and let voters decide. The majority (over 70%) of Illinois’ 12.5 million citizens live in Home Rule communities. Among Illinois communities having Home Rule, 55% attained Home Rule status by voter approval of a Home Rule referendum. No community has petitioned to revoke Home Rule status in the past 20 years.


Alsip, Chicago Ridge, Midlothian, Oak Forest, Orland Park, Tinley Park, and Oak Lawn.


The retention of Home Rule would provide Crestwood greater protection from state mandates and the ability to solve problems at a local level. Specifically, major benefits frequently associated with Home Rule are threefold:

Maintaining Community Character

Non Home Rule communities can only exercise powers explicitly given to them by the Illinois statutes and laws.  Home Rule gives greater and more flexible powers to local decision makers to address local problems and less dependence on the State legislature to regulate.  Local voters have greater access to the decision makers with more accountability.  With home rule the Village has greater flexibility to preserve neighborhoods and address growth.  Crestwood would have direct control over important issues that impact property values and community character.

Increased Financial Flexibility

Crestwood’s long-term financial stability is being impacted by decreasing revenues (a reduction in state revenues, slow equalized assessed valuation growth, and development fees) coupled with increasing expenses (higher insurance, pension and health care costs, aging infrastructure, and additional state mandates). Home Rule is not only a flexible tool that endorses local decision making; it enables sound long-term fiscal planning.

Home Rule would provide Crestwood with the flexibility to explore new funding sources, such as a licensing/inspection fee for residential rental businesses, restaurant tax, real estate transfer tax, etc. and provide the ability to tax non-residents (daytime population) for programs and services furnished by the Village to non-residents (for example Gas Tax and Sales Tax) making the community less reliant upon property taxes as a source of revenue.

Home Rule status would also allow the Village to use the existing Hotel Tax revenue for infrastructure (streets, sewers, etc.) instead of limiting its use solely to tourism.

Home Rule communities have more flexibility in regard to debt offerings often resulting in lower interest rates and a strengthened bond rating.

Reduced Regulation from State Mandates

Home Rule can afford Crestwood greater protection against state control.

State legislatures often impose unfunded mandates on local governments to provide certain services that fail to provide a revenue source to offset the cost of those services.


Home Rule gives local government greater discretion to generate revenues through issuing bonds and increased taxes or fees — i.e., property and sales tax increases, restaurant tax, residential rental inspection fees, etc.

Home Rule permits greater local control over decision making without state oversight and without certain procedural limitations.

Property Tax caps do not apply to Home Rule communities


Based on the research of Professor James Banovetz, widely regarded as the foremost expert on Home Rule in Illinois, there is no evidence that Home Rule municipalities have higher or faster growing property taxes than comparable non-Home Rule municipalities. In fact, Home Rule status is often used to shift the tax burden from property taxes to other revenue sources, such as licensing fees, restaurant tax, sales tax, etc. This would diversify the revenue base and reduce the burden on property owners. Communities that have adopted Home Rule status have seen their property taxes increase at a lower rate than non-Home Rule communities.


Home Rule has no effect on any of the School Districts in Crestwood as it is they are an independent governmental and funding body.


Voters can petition to revoke a community’s Home Rule status. (In Illinois, this has not occurred in the past 25 years.)

Another safeguard for taxation and spending restraint is resident participation in Village government and local elections. One-half of the Village Board Members are up for election every two years, the Mayor every four years. Crestwood has a long-standing tradition of residents staying informed on local issues and communicating with local officials. If residents view the Village Board as not fiscally prudent, residents can vote to change Board membership and leadership.

The Illinois legislature can preempt Home Rule authority by express or implied legislative action.

Constitutional prohibitions on certain Home Rule powers, i.e. may not levy taxes on income, occupation, or earnings unless specifically authorized by the State legislature.  Also denies certain other powers such as issuing bonds with more than 40 year maturity or defining criminal acts as felonies.

Finally, the Mayor and Village Board Members are also residents. They would be personally impacted by any Village action.

Microsoft Scam

Garbage Information

Click here on Schedule for more detailed information.

New Recycling Electronics Facility

Holiday Garbage Schedule

Home Rule


Please note stickers go on sale December 1, 2014. Stickers MUST be displayed by March 1 ,2015. After such date tickets will be issued.

Crestwood Police Department Seeks Cadets


The Crestwood Police Department is looking for people between 14 and 19 years old
that would be interested in our Police Cadet Program. The main purpose of this program is to help develop leadership and communication skills for their future. While we focus on law enforcement and public safety, we work towards teaching these youths communication, leadership, chain of command and community services. In the past some of our training has included speakers and trainers from the FBI, Illinois State Police, Cook County Sheriff’s Police, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and many others.

Our goal is to give them as much exposure as possible to a wide variety of people and operations to help them in thinking about good communications and future career possibilities. It is not necessary to specifically want to go into law enforcement . We use this as opportunity to teach them skills that will help provide them a start towards understanding what it is all about. Due to the nature of some of the things we deal with, we ask everyone to keep their activities here confidential so that we don’t violate anyone’s rights. Cadets are required to attend our meetings and trainings. We try and limit them to once a month during the school season; however we usually have additional meetings and trainings in the summer. Cadets also assist the community by providing us with park security, traffic control, and community events both in Crestwood as well as surrounding suburbs.

Applications are available at the Police Department Monday- Friday between 9-9



Crestwood Village ordinance prohibits parking on ANY village streest between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00a.m. The reason for this ordinance is so Police will be alerted to abandoned vehicles or suspicious vehicles that require investigations. This ordinance also ensures that all streets throughout the Village will be open to fire and rescue equipment in the event of an overnight emergency. This is especially necessary in areas where narrow streets can block large fire trucks. We will continue to enforce this ordinance. Thank You for your cooperation with this ordinance. The initial fine for this violation is $75.00. This is a Village wide ordinance. PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOUR LATE NIGHT AND OVERNIGHT GUESTS ARE MADE AWARE OF THIS AS WELL!


Republic Waste 2014 Update

Recycle Schedule

Garbage and Refuse Collection

It is very important that each resident makes themselves aware of important Ordinances in the Village. The following link will educated you on the Garbage and Refuse Topic.

Please be aware that Garbage cans are not to be taken out until 6pm the night before pickup and removed from the curb side by 8pm on day of collection. This is not always the case for many. The Village Trustees have instructed the Police Deaprtment to inforce this ordiance.  A warning will be issued  for the first offense and a ticket will be issued on the second offense. A neon green sticker will be placed on your can as a warning. Please be aware this will be your one and only warning before a ticket is issued. Our goal is to keep our Village a beautiful and proud place to live. With your help we can achieve this.


Click Here to read Local Ordiance.

Technology Recycling Has Never Been Easier

Outdated electronic waste cannot go in landfills but many people do not know where to take their electronics for recycling. Here’s what you need to know:

—Many of the largest retailers that sell electronics  now have recycling programs at their individual stores.
—Goodwill Industries takes electronics.
—The web site at earth911 includes a search function that allows people to find locations nearby

Please Slow Down Signs Available

Help Mayor Lou Presta and the Crestwood Police Department protect our most valuable asset, “OUR CHILDREN”!

You can assist by displaying a “PLEASE SLOW DOWN” sign in your front yard or parkway.

Signs are 24″ x 18″ and are available at the Police Department for $10.00.

Crestwood Office and Warehouse Space Available

**Available Now in Crestwood 2200 sq ft. to 4200 sq.ft. multi-use facility Office and warehouses with overhead doors and recessed dock.

18 Ft. ceiling in warehouses

Near I-294, I-80, I-57

Call: JolarEnterprise

 708-301-8545, Mon.-Fri., 8AM to 5PM


Premium Industrial/Office Space Available in Crestwood

 Are you looking to expand your business? Take a look at some of the great space available in Crestwood!!